Walmart Family Mobile

As a Creative and strategy lead with Walmart's Family Mobile and Family Gathering promotions, Pixod was tasked with expanding the visual design and tone of Walmart offerings with social media influencers whose online presence was consistent with Walmart's 'Save Money and Live Better' messaging. The multi-channel marketing program was executed on a scale beyond social media. Our team conceptualized and executed TV commercials, online competitions, community events, and of course social media posts.

CD and Strategy:  Mali X & Phillip Shung
Editing/Motion Design:  Mali X
Director of Photography:  Phillip Shung
Camera/Lighting I:  Randolph 'Rudie' Carty
Camera II:  Jason Thibodeaux
Project Managment:  Cheshire Boone
Animation:  Justin Henry
Sound Design:  Richard Smith
Audio Engineer:  Deon Custass
PA:  Terrance Henry

Our production team was small yet efficient. We all wore multiple hats in the production queue, from executing on-air graphics and storyboards to microsite design and development. We collaborated closely with the featured families and Walmart to ensure an intersection was established and maintained that aligned with Walmart's brand guidelines yet consistent with the voice and imagery established with our influencers across their respective channels.
Site UI/UX