My City 4 Ways

Since 2015, the Pixod team worked with Essence and Ford to produce and manage a multi-channel video series and website site introducing communities to local stories ranging from artists live-painting and Chefs sharing cooking tips, to fashion designers sharing new collections to emerging musicians breaking new music. We worked with Essence and Ford to develop the concept and manage the content as we toured cities around the country, featuring personalities including McLyte, Kelis, Tweet, and more.

We established brand guidelines which worked across motion design, website UI/UX, and online promotions, as well as established the voice and tone of our messaging over the years.
CD and Strategy:  Mali X & Phillip Shung
Editing/Motion Design:  Mali X
Director of Photography:  Phillip Shung
Camera/Lighting I:  Randolph 'Rudie' Carty
Camera II:  Jason Thibodeaux
Project Managment:  Cheshire Boone
Animation:  Justin Henry
Sound Design:  Richard Smith
Audio Engineer:  Deon Custas
PA:  Terrance Henry

Site UI/UX